Scaling of hydrologic models for MAGS. A., P.; L.W., M.; E.D., S.; N., K.; P., M.; Pomeroy, J.; and C., S. 1999.
Scaling of hydrologic models for MAGS [pdf]Paper  bibtex   
@type{ID_360,author = {Pietroniro A. and Martz L.W. and Soulis E.D. and Kouwen N. and Marsh P. and Pomeroy, J.W. and Spence C.},title = {Scaling of hydrologic models for MAGS}, publication = {Proceedings, 4th Scientific Workshop of the Mackenzie GEWEX Study (MAGS): 16-18 Nov 1998, Montreal, QC},year = {1999},volume = {}, from_page = {122},to_page = {123},publisher = {},doi = {},url_paper = {PDFs\Pietroniro A._Martz L.W._Soulis E.D._Kouwen N._Marsh P._Pomeroy J.W._Spence C._1999.pdf}}
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