Surface reconstructions and premelting of the ($100$) $\mbox{CaF}_{2}$ surface. Faraji, S., Ghasemi, S A., Parsaeifard, B., & Goedecker, S. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 21:16270, Royal Society of Chemistry, July, 2019.
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  title={Surface reconstructions and premelting of the ($100$) $\mbox{CaF}_{2}$ surface},
  author={Faraji, Somayeh and Ghasemi, S Alireza and Parsaeifard, Behnam and Goedecker, Stefan},
  journal={Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics},
  month = {July},
  volume = {21},
  pages = {16270},
  publisher={Royal Society of Chemistry},
  doi = {10.1039/C9CP02213A}

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