PD-L1 Expression Maps for Immuno-Related Microenvironment Visualization in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC). Frankhauser, C. D., Schüffler, P. J., Gillessen, S., Omlin, A., Sulser, T., Moch, H., & Wild, P. J. 2015.
	address = {St. Gallen},
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	title = {{PD}-{L1} {Expression} {Maps} for {Immuno}-{Related} {Microenvironment} {Visualization} in {Castration}-{Resistant} {Prostate} {Cancer} ({CRPC})},
	author = {Frankhauser, Christian D. and Schüffler, Peter J. and Gillessen, Silke and Omlin, Aurelius and Sulser, Tullio and Moch, Holger and Wild, Peter J.},
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