The Impact of Severe Anastomotic Leak on Long-term Survival and Cancer Recurrence After Surgical Resection for Esophageal Malignancy. Markar, S; Gronnier, C; Duhamel, A; Mabrut, J.; Bail, J.; Carrere, N; Lefevre, J.; Brigand, C; Vaillant, J.; Adham, M; Msika, S; Demartines, N; Nakadi, I.; Meunier, B; Collet, D; and Mariette, C Ann Surg, 262:972–80, 2015.
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	title = {The {Impact} of {Severe} {Anastomotic} {Leak} on {Long}-term {Survival} and {Cancer} {Recurrence} {After} {Surgical} {Resection} for {Esophageal} {Malignancy}.},
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