Uma Infra-Estrutura para Integração de Ferramentas CASE. Spinola, R., Kalinowski, M., & Travassos, G. H. In SBES 2004 - Proceedings of the Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering, Brasilia, Brazil, pages 1-16, 2004.
Uma Infra-Estrutura para Integração de Ferramentas CASE [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
CASE Tools integration approaches have been developed into the software development environments (SDE) context. Usually, these approaches are based on the SDE canonical model or peer-application needs. Together with the technological evolution described by the technical literature, we hade identified a requirements set to build an innovative integration approach that deals with semantical and s yntactical heterogeneity. Such approach has been implemented by a CASE tool named xMapper. A case study to evaluate its feasibility was also performed. This paper describes xMapper, the case study results and shows xMapper using to integrate real CASE tools into a software inspection process supporting infra-structure.

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