Time title author room 8: 30 Registration Bldg. 1, 1F 9: 00. Tamper-Localization, S.; Based, V. S. S. S.; Chang, C.; Huynh, N.; Lin, C.; Suga, Y.; Tsukaune, T.; Todo, Y.; Morii, M.; Kuo, C.; and others
	title = {Time title author room 8: 30 {Registration} {Bldg}. 1, 1F 9: 00},
	author = {Tamper-Localization, Strong and Based, Visual Secret Sharing Scheme and Chang, Chin-Chen and Huynh, Ngoc-Tu and Lin, Chia-Chun and Suga, Yuji and Tsukaune, Tsubasa and Todo, Yosuke and Morii, Masakatu and Kuo, Chien-Ting and {others}}
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