KSE 2017. Tran, H. A.; Ngo-Quynh, T.; Tong, V.; Le, D.; Pham, V.; Nguyen, T. T.; Nguyen, H. S.; Nguyen, H. S.; Nguyen, L. G.; Nguyen, N. T.; and others
	title = {{KSE} 2017},
	author = {Tran, Hai Anh and Ngo-Quynh, Thu and Tong, Van and Le, Duc-Hau and Pham, Van-Huy and Nguyen, Thuy Thi and Nguyen, Hoang Son and Nguyen, Hung Son and Nguyen, Long Giang and Nguyen, Ngoc Thuy and {others}}
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