About BibBase

Publish-or-perish has been the mantra for scientists for a long time now. But is publishing papers in highly regarded journals and conferences enough? Nowadays people no longer go to the library to read journal articles or proceedings, they do all of this online. As a result publishing has gained a new meaning: Scientists need to also publish their publications online, or at least, when publisher copyrights prevent sharing freely, publish their existence. Papers available on the web are much more likely to be read and cited and hence have more impact. So as a scientist you need to have a web presence and make sure your publications are up to date, easy to find, and, ideally, easy to download. But creating and maintaining a website is time-consuming and not easy, especially if you need to keep updating it every time you publish a new paper or result. And of course, the latest publications are the most important one to share given ever-faster publication cycles.

BibBase meets this need. It makes it easy to maintain ones publications page online by auto-generating professional looking HTML from various data sources, incl. bibtex files, Zotero, Mendeley, or DBLP. For those who do not already have one, BibBase also offers users to create a personal website using an easy to use editor.

By using BibBase, scientist save time, get the assurance that their online publications are up-to-date, and increase the odds of their work being found and cited correctly. BibBase takes care of search engine optimization, complying with the latest requirements of search engines, and gives scientists one less thing to worry about. Plus, by using BibBase your name will link back to your page whenever it appears as an author on any Bibbase page, whether it is your co-authors' pages or a keyword page, listing your papers with others on the same subject.