New BibTeX Parser provides better special character support and warnings about parse errors

Published: 12/9/2015, 4:53:37 AM

We have replaced the BibTeX parser uses by a new one that is entirely written in javascript, and available as an open source meteor package here. This parser is not only much faster than making a call out to pybtex, which we used previously. It also provides better support for special LaTeX characters -- namely all the ones listed in the latex tags in this conversion file -- and is more robust against parse errors in the bibtex file. In fact, then it fails to parse a bibtex entry, it only loses that one entry but is still able to parse the rest and generate a page. In addition, it adds a warning to a bibbase page where you will be able to see quickly that there is a problem and where to find it and how to fix it.

Together with this update, we are also rolling out a minor update to our Zotero integration. Users who use Zotero to manage their publications, can now also log into BIbBase using their Zotero account. This works exactly the same way as logging in with Google or LinkedIn. However, since Zotero accounts do not have associated email addresses, users opting for this login method will not be able to receive notifications, for instance from subscriptions or "watches".