An Indication of Anisotropy in Arrival Directions of Ultra-high-energy Cosmic Rays through Comparison to the Flux Pattern of Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Sources. Aab, A., Abreu, P., Aglietta, M., Albuquerque, I. F. M., Allekotte, I., Almela, A., Alvarez Castillo, J., Alvarez-Muñiz, J., Anastasi, G. A., Anchordoqui, L., & al , e. \textbackslashapjl, 853:L29, February, 2018.
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	title = {An {Indication} of {Anisotropy} in {Arrival} {Directions} of {Ultra}-high-energy {Cosmic} {Rays} through {Comparison} to the {Flux} {Pattern} of {Extragalactic} {Gamma}-{Ray} {Sources}},
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