Aurora: A Data Stream Management System. Abadi, D. J., Carney, D., Cetintemel, U., Cherniack, M., Convey, C., Erwin, C., Galvez, E., Hatoun, M., Hwang, J., Maskey, A. S., Rasin, A., Singer, A., Stonebraker, M., Tatbul, N., Xing, Y., Yan, R., & Zdonik, S. B. Demonstration. SIGMOD, 2003.
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Streams are continuous data feeds generated by such sources as sensors, satellites, and stock feeds. Monitoring applications track data from numerous streams, filtering them for signs of abnormal activity, and processing them for purposes of filtering, aggregation, reduction, and correlation. Aurora is a general-purpose data stream manager that is being designed and implemented (at Brandeis University, Brown University, and M.I.T.) to efficiently support a variety of real-time monitoring applications.

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