Comparing Domain-Specific and Non-Domain-Specific Anaphora Resolution Techniques. Abadi, D. J. Cambridge University MPhil Dissertation, 2003. M.Phil. Thesis
Comparing Domain-Specific and Non-Domain-Specific Anaphora Resolution Techniques [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Three different pronominal anaphora resolution techniques are examined. The first two techniques compare traditional salience-based approaches when different amounts of syntactic information are available. The improvement in pronoun resolution precision is quantified when a large scale grammar is used to extract detailed syntactic information rather than inferring this information robustly using pattern matching. The third technique uses domain knowledge instead of syntactic information to resolve pronouns. The domain knowledge required for this algorithm can be automatically acquired from a database backend schema representation of the domain. Each of these three techniques is evaluated separately, and then the domain-specific and non-domain-specific algorithms are combined and evaluated.

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