SRPerf: a Performance Evaluation Framework for IPv6 Segment Routing. Abdelsalam, A., Ventre, P. L., Scarpitta, C., Mayer, A., Salsano, S., Camarillo, P., Clad, F., & Filsfils, C. IEEE Trans. Netw. Serv. Manag.. To appear.
	title = {{SRPerf}: a {Performance} {Evaluation} {Framework} for {IPv6} {Segment} {Routing}},
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	author = {Abdelsalam, Ahmed and Ventre, Pier Luigi and Scarpitta, Carmine and Mayer, Andrea and Salsano, Stefano and Camarillo, Pablo and Clad, Francois and Filsfils, Clarence},
	note = {To appear.},

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