Upgrading to Low Loss ROADMs and Additional Line Amplifiers for Increased Capacity in EDFA and Raman Flexgrid Networks. Abhijit Mitra, undefined, Andrew Lord, undefined, Subrat Kar, undefined, & Paul Wright, S. D. In ECOC 2014, 2014.
	address = {ECOC 2014},
	title = {Upgrading to {Low} {Loss} {ROADMs} and {Additional} {Line} {Amplifiers} for {Increased} {Capacity} in {EDFA} and {Raman} {Flexgrid} {Networks}},
	author = {Abhijit Mitra, {and} Andrew Lord, {and} Subrat Kar,  and Paul Wright, Steve Debrusalis},
	year = {2014}

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