Alignment based kernel learning with a continuous set of base kernels. Afkanpour, A., Szepesvári, C., & Bowling, M. H. Machine Learning, 91(3):305–324, Springer, 2013.
Alignment based kernel learning with a continuous set of base kernels [pdf]Paper  doi  abstract   bibtex   
The success of kernel-based learning methods depends on the choice of kernel. Recently, kernel learning methods have been proposed that use data to select the most appropriate kernel, usually by combining a set of base kernels. We introduce a new algorithm for kernel learning that combines a continuous set of base kernels, without the common step of discretizing the space of base kernels. We demonstrate that our new method achieves state-of-the-art performance across a variety of real-world datasets. Furthermore, we explicitly demonstrate the importance of combining the right dictionary of kernels, which is problematic for methods that combine a finite set of base kernels chosen a priori. Our method is not the first approach to work with continuously parameterized kernels. We adopt a two-stage kernel learning approach. We also show that our method requires substantially less computation than previous such approaches, and so is more amenable to multi-dimensional parameterizations of base kernels, which we demonstrate.

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