Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors: Clinical Symptoms, Location, Metastasis Formation, and Associated Malignancies in a Single Center Retrospective Study. Aghdassi, A., Christoph, A., Dombrowski, F., Döring, P., Barth, C., Christoph, J., Lerch, M. M, & Simon, P. Digestive Diseases, 2018.
	title = {Gastrointestinal {Stromal} {Tumors}: {Clinical} {Symptoms}, {Location}, {Metastasis} {Formation}, and {Associated} {Malignancies} in a {Single} {Center} {Retrospective} {Study}},
	journal = {Digestive Diseases},
	author = {Aghdassi, Ali and Christoph, Agnes and Dombrowski, Frank and Döring, Paula and Barth, Christoph and Christoph, Jan and Lerch, Markus M and Simon, Peter},
	year = {2018},
	pages = {1--9},

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