Ranking Authors on the Web: A Semantic AuthorRank. Ahmedi, L., Halilaj, L., Sejdiu, G., & Bajraktari, L. In Gündüz-Öğüdücü, Ş. & Etaner-Uyar, A. Ş., editors, Social Networks: Analysis and Case Studies, pages 19–40. Springer Vienna, Vienna, 2014.
Ranking Authors on the Web: A Semantic AuthorRank [pdf]Paper  doi  abstract   bibtex   
Author ranking is growing in popularity since search engines are considering the author's reputation of a Web page when generating search results. A question that naturally arises is whether we should rank authors on the Web as we rank Web pages by considering their links. In addition, over what links to actually calculate author ranking? We have adopted an extended FOAF ontology, the so-called Co-AuthorOnto ontology, able to represent authors, but also their co-author links on the Web. We further extended Co-AuthorOnto with PageRank and AuthorRank metrics for ranking authors based on their co-author links. Important to note is that both PageRank and AuthorRank are implemented in Semantic Web Rule Language (SWRL), which represents a novelty and fits well with the semantic modeling of authors and their co-author relationships within FOAF. Preliminary semantic ranking results are demonstrated, showcasing also the huge potential of this ranking approach for adopting it by search engines where our future work will focus.

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