Binary Sequences Set with Small ISL for MIMO Radar Systems. Alaee-Kerahroodi, M., Modarres-Hashemi, M., Naghsh, M. M., Shankar, B., & Ottersten, B. In 2018 26th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), pages 2395-2399, Sep., 2018.
Binary Sequences Set with Small ISL for MIMO Radar Systems [pdf]Paper  doi  abstract   bibtex   
In this paper, we aim at designing a set of binary sequences with good aperiodic auto- and crosscorrelation properties for Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) radar systems. We show such a set of sequences can be obtained by minimizing the Integrated Side Lobe (ISL) with the binary requirement imposed as a design constraint. By using the block coordinate descent (BCD) framework, we propose an efficient monotonic algorithm based on Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), to minimize the objective function which is non-convex and NP-hard in general. Simulation results illustrate that the ISL of designed binary set of sequences is the neighborhood of the Welch bound, Indicating its superior performance.

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