A survey on sensor-cloud: Architecture, applications, and approaches. Alamri, A., Ansari, W., S., Hassan, M., M., Hossain, M., S., Alelaiwi, A., & Hossain, M., A. 2013.
A survey on sensor-cloud: Architecture, applications, and approaches [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Nowadays, wireless sensor network (WSN) applications have been used in several important areas, such as healthcare, military, critical infrastructure monitoring, environment monitoring, and manufacturing. However, due to the limitations of WSNs in terms of memory, energy, computation, communication, and scalability, efficient management of the large number ofWSNs data in these areas is an important issue to deal with. Tere is a need for a powerful and scalable high-performance computing and massive storage infrastructure for real-time processing and storing of the WSN data as well as analysis (online and offline) of the processed information under context using inherently complex models to extract events of interest. In this scenario, cloud computing is becoming a promising technology to provide a flexible stack ofmassive computing, storage, and soſtware services in a scalable and virtualizedmanner at low cost.Terefore, in recent years, Sensor-Cloud infrastructure is becoming popular that can provide an open, flexible, and reconfigurable platformfor severalmonitoring and controlling applications. In this paper,we present a comprehensive study of representative works on Sensor-Cloud infrastructure, which will provide general readers an overview of the Sensor-Cloud platformincluding its definition, architecture, and applications. Te research challenges, existing solutions, and approaches as well as future research directions are also discussed in this paper.

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