The Elementary Child's Place in the Natural World. Allen, P. NAMTA Journal, 38(1):147–150, 2013.
The Elementary Child's Place in the Natural World [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Phoebe Allen's article speaks for the early bonding of children to the natural world prior to the elementary class. She also suggests the continuing exploration of children at elementary age in the outdoors in order to build the necessary sense of wonder and love of the environment to overcome anxiety over the negative realities of the planet's future. The message is emphatic: Nature teaches best of all; inspire hope, not despair. [Reprinted from "The NAMTA Journal" 30,1 (2005, Winter): 107-113. This talk was presented at the NAMTA conference titled "Montessori Places: Stepping Stones to Society and the World," Austin, TX, October 14-17, 2004.]

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