Enhancing TCP Over Satellite Channels using Standard Mechanisms. Allman, M. & Glover, D. August, 1998. Work in Progress
@misc{ Allman98,
  title = {Enhancing {TCP} Over Satellite Channels using Standard Mechanisms},
  author = {Mark Allman and Dan Glover},
  month = {August},
  year = {1998},
  note = {Work in Progress},
  annote = { This papers identifies ways in which TCP communication over satellite paths can more efficiently utilize the available capacity. In particular, it focuses only on mechanisms that are currently available and that are on the IETF standards track. First the characteristics for satellite communications is outlined. Specifically the problems of noise and bandwidth are first discussed. Then other characteristics that can degrade the performance of TCP and that differ from most terrestrial channels is presented: \begin{itemize} ıtem Long feedback loop ıtem Large delay*bandwidth product ıtem Transmission errors ıtem Asymmetric use ıtem Variable round Trip Times ıtem Intermittent connectivity \end{itemize} Two non-TCP mechanisms are suggested to help increase TCP performance. The first is Path MTU Discovery to determine the maximum packet size that can used without undergoing IP fragmentation. The second mechanism is forward error correction (FEC). Both of these processes, of course, have disadvantages. Using Path MTU Discovery may cause a large delay before TCP is able to start sending data. And FEC requires special hardware and can introduce delay and timing jitter due to the processing time of the coder/decoder. The real problem, however, is the fact that TCP has no mechanism to distinguish between congestion induced drops and those caused by corruption. From there, the author goes on to discuss standard TCP mechanisms that may help to fully utilize satellite channels. \begin{itemize} ıtem TCP Congestion Control \begin{itemize} ıtem Slow Start ıtem Congestion Avoidance ıtem Fast Retransmit ıtem Fast Recovery \end{itemize} ıtem TCP Large Windows \begin{itemize} ıtem Window Scaling ıtem PAWS ıtem RTTM \end{itemize} ıtem TCP SACKs \end{itemize} By combining the different techniques that are outlined above, better utilization of satellite channels can be realized. },
  status = {INTERNET DRAFT}
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