Formal Specification and Validation of a Localized Algorithm for Segregation of Critical/Noncritical Nodes in MAHSNs. Alnuem, M. A., Zafar, N. A., Imran, M., Ullah, S., & Fayed, M. S. International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, 10(6):140973, 2014.
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	title = {Formal {Specification} and {Validation} of a {Localized} {Algorithm} for {Segregation} of {Critical}/{Noncritical} {Nodes} in {MAHSNs}},
	volume = {10},
	doi = {10/gcbdk3},
	number = {6},
	journal = {International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks},
	author = {Alnuem, Mohammed Abdullah and Zafar, Nazir Ahmad and Imran, Muhammad and Ullah, Sana and Fayed, Mahmoud S.},
	year = {2014},
	pages = {140973},

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