Acoustic Emission: Establishing the Fundamentals.
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In the mid-1970's a program of fundamental research was initiated at NBS to improve the scientific understanding of acoustic emission. Many individual results of this research have been reported in the literature and are beginning to be incorporated in a new generation of acoustic emission instrumentation, in improved test methodologies, and in the analysis of data. Here, we summarize the problems faced by acoustic emission \textless\llidway through the last decade, review the accomplishments of the NBS program and related research programs, and outline the research that will be required in future years., number = 1, journal = J. Res. Nat. Bur. Stand., author = Eitzen, D.G. and Wadley, H.N.G., month = jan, year = 1984, keywords = Inverse problems, Signal processing, acoustic emission, calibration, continuous monitoring, evaluation, nondestructive, nondestructive evaluation, structural integrity, theoretical bases, theoretical bases., pages = 75--100

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