Def Stan 00-49 MOD Guide to R&M Terminology Used in Requirements. Technical Report Def Stan 00-49 Issue 2, UK Defence Standardization, 2008.
Def Stan 00-49 MOD Guide to R&M Terminology Used in Requirements [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
The MOD considers the term R&M to be generic and interprets it to encompass related specific concepts such as availability, supportability, testability etc. IEC 60050-191 contains the R&M terminology to be used forthwith by the MOD in R&M Def Stans. However, as the first source of reference for R&M definitions, IEC 60050-191 is to be regarded as generic and without exception will require tailoring to specific programmes. Consequently, the MOD acknowledges the British Standards concepts of reliability and maintainability and by inference accepts BS 4778: Part 3 Availability, Reliability and Maintainability Terms as augmenting the definitions listed in IEC 60050-191. Defining an R&M parameter for a requirement can be problematic due to the proliferation of definitions, terms and variables, many of which are subjective. Therefore, to ensure that exact and taut R&M requirements and specifications are consistently applied in MOD contracts, it is necessary to ensure that all stakeholders have the same common understanding of the terminology used and how the variables (within the terminology) can be applied.

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