Design of a unique open-geometry cylindrical Penning trap. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 712:9 - 14, June, 2013.
Design of a unique open-geometry cylindrical Penning trap [link]Paper  doi  abstract   bibtex   
The Texas A&M University Penning trap facility is an ion trap system currently under construction, and will be used for precision nuclear physics experiments with radioactive beams provided by the Cyclotron Institute. Its primary focus is to carry out experiments to search for possible scalar currents in T=2 superallowed β - delayed proton decays, which, if found, would be an indication of physics beyond the standard model. In addition, \TAMUTRAP\ will provide a low-energy, spatially localized source of ions for various other applications. The experiment is centered around a unique, compensated cylindrical Penning trap that employs a specially optimized length / radius ratio in the electrode structure that is not used by any other facility. This allows the electrode structure to exhibit an unprecedented 90 mm inner radius, which is larger than in any existing trap, while at the same time remaining a tractable overall length. The trap geometry was designed from first principles to be suitable for a wide range of nuclear physics experiments. In particular, the electrode structure allows for a near quadrupole electric field at the trap center, a feature necessary for performing precision mass measurements.

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