EANL '08: Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications. Volume Association for Computational Linguistics. Stroudsburg, PA, USA, 2008.
	Address = {Stroudsburg, PA, USA},
	Publisher = {Association for Computational Linguistics},
	Title = {EANL '08: Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications},
	Year = {2008},
	annotation = {The use of NLP in educational applications is becoming increasingly widespread and sophisticated. Such applications are intended to fulfil a variety of needs, from automated scoring of essays and shortanswer responses, to grammatical error detection, to assisting learners in the development of their writing, reading, and speaking skills, in both their native and non-native languages.

	The rapid growth of this area of research is evidenced by the number of topic-specific workshops in recent years. This workshop is the next in a series which began at ACL 1997 and continued on with HTL/NAACL 2003 and ACL 2005. Since 1997, there have also been other related meetings such as the InSTIL/ICALL Symposium at COLING 2004, and most recently the CALICO 2008 workshop entitled Automatic Analysis of Learner Language: Bridging Foreign Language Teaching Needs and NLP Possibilities.

	In keeping with previous workshops, our aim is to bring together the ever-growing community of researchers from both academic institutions and industry, and foster communication on issues regarding the broad spectrum of instructional settings, from K-12 to university level to EFL/ESL and professional contexts. In this endeavor, we are assisted by the wide variety of topics and languages covered by the papers presented.

	For this workshop, we received 18 submissions, and accepted 13 papers: 8 were accepted as long presentations (20 minutes) and 5 as short presentations (15 minutes). All accepted papers are published in these proceedings as full-length papers of up to 9 pages. Each paper was reviewed by two members of the Program Committee.}}

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