Motivational Goals for using Electronic Health Record Applications. Volume ENOLL ISBN 9789082102789. 2018.
Motivational Goals for using Electronic Health Record Applications [link]Link  abstract   bibtex   
The deployment of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) across Australia has provided a platform of possibilities for new technology developers. However, the lack of enthusiasm by multiple health-care providers and patients reveals how many existing applications fail to address the needs of these stakeholders. We conducted interviews with GPs and software company representatives (being partners of our Living Lab) to understand their goals of engaging with EHR-enabled technology, with a focus on their emotional goals. We then constructed a motivational goal model to represent the technology goals that are relevant to our case study. This approach to gathering technology requirements enabled us to elicit, organise and communicate the functional, quality and emotional goals for EHR-enabled technology. Results illustrate our living lab process and reflect on a variety of goals that may be supported by EHR- enabled technology. The goal model will be evolved and utilised in the planning of future phases of this living lab project.

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