Securing Information Technology in Healthcare. Anthony, D., Campbell, A., Candon, T., Gettinger, A., Gunter, C., A., Johnson, M., E., Kotz, D., Marsch, L., Molina-Markham, A., Page, K., & Smith, S. IEEE Security & Privacy, 11(6):25-33, 11, 2013.
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Information technology (IT) has great potential to improve healthcare quality while also improving efficiency, and thus has been a major focus of recent healthcare reform efforts. However, developing, deploying and using IT that is both secure and genuinely effective in the complex clinical, organizational and economic environment of healthcare is a significant challenge. Further, it is imperative that we better understand the privacy concerns of patients and providers, as well as the ability of current technologies, policies, and laws to adequately protect privacy. The Securing Information Technology in Healthcare (SITH) workshops were created to provide a forum to discuss security and privacy for experts from a broad range of perspectives, from officers at large healthcare companies, startups and nonprofits, to physicians, researchers and policy makers.

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