Analysis of Internet Services in IP over ATM Networks. Aracil, J.; Morato, D.; and Izal, M. IEEE Communications Magazine, 37(12):92-97, December, 1999.
@article{ Aracil99,
  author = {J. Aracil and D. Morato and M. Izal},
  title = {Analysis of Internet Services in IP over ATM Networks},
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  year = {1999},
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  pages = {92-97},
  month = {December},
  annote = {This article presents a trace-driven analysis of IP over ATM services. The traces show for example that 75% of the traffic in bytes is Web data, and that the average size of a Web transfer is 6.5kB with a 99% percentil of 70kB. It is also shown that 95% of the packet bursts consists of 1 or 2 packets. Interesting for its statistics of real Internet traffic.},
  bibdate = {Tuesday, May 30, 2000 at 17:38:32 (MEST)},
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