On Traffic Models for TCP/IP. Arvidsson, Å & Karlsson, P. Teletraffic Engineering in a Competitive World, Oxford, Mississippi, USA, 1998.
On Traffic Models for TCP/IP [link]Paper  bibtex   
@article{ Arvidsson98,
  author = {{Å}. Arvidsson, P. Karlsson},
  title = {On Traffic Models for {TCP/IP}},
  journal = {Teletraffic Engineering in a Competitive World, Oxford, Mississippi, USA},
  year = {1998},
  pages = {457-466},
  annote = {Two approaches to simulate TCP/IP traffic are: Fitting the parameters of a stochastic process to the characteristics of packet arrivals (link-level model), or building a model of user actions (user-level model). The authors of this paper argues that the latter approach gives a far more accurate description of TCP/IP traffic. Their argumentation is enforced by a real-world experiment which supports their conclusions. The ramifications of their conclusions are, among others: - Traditional link-level simulation has a tendency to highly underestimate the performance of TCP/IP traffic and overestimate the cosumption of buffers. - The large queuing problems anticipated from earlier works based on link-level models do not occur with user-level models. },
  url = {Ericsson's intranet. Karl-Johan has a copy of this paper.},
  bibdate = {Monday, March 20, 2000 at 10:16:43 (MET)},
  submitter = {Karl-Johan Grinnemo}

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