Undocumented Students in Christian Higher Education: Theological and Legal Ramifications for Financing Student Leaders: A Case Study Submitted to the ACSD New Professionals Collaborative. Austin, N. P., Deegan, M., Fulton, L. N., & Karrick, K. Growth, 12(12):36–43, 2013.
	title = {Undocumented {Students} in {Christian} {Higher} {Education}: {Theological} and {Legal} {Ramifications} for {Financing} {Student} {Leaders}: {A} {Case} {Study} {Submitted} to the {ACSD} {New} {Professionals} {Collaborative}},
	volume = {12},
	number = {12},
	journal = {Growth},
	author = {Austin, Nathanael P. and Deegan, Maddie and Fulton, Leah N. and Karrick, Kearsten},
	year = {2013},
	pages = {36--43},

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