Incentive-compatible, budget-balanced, yet highly efficient. Babaioff, M., Dash, R., Vytelingum, P, Rogers, A, David, E, Jennings, N., Maza, S., Castagna, P., Davidov, D., Markovitch, S., & others Decision Support Systems, 11:835–871, Elsevier Science Ltd., 2006.
  title={Incentive-compatible, budget-balanced, yet highly efficient},
  author={Babaioff, Moshe and Dash, RK and Vytelingum, P and Rogers, A and David, E and Jennings, NR and Maza, Samia and Castagna, Pierre and Davidov, Dmitry and Markovitch, Shaul and others},
  journal={Decision Support Systems},
  publisher={Elsevier Science Ltd.}

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