ORGANIZATION OF EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE OUTSIDE OF A MEDICAL ORGANIZATION. BAGNENKO, S., F., MIROSHNICHENKO, A., G., MINNULLIN, I., P., & Plavunov, N., F. Volume 56. Textbookextbook. limited liability company GEOTAR-Media Publishing group (Moscow), 2015.
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These guidelines are devoted to various aspects of the organization of emergency medical care outside the medical organization. They present the rules for organizing the activities of medical organizations that provide emergency medical care outside of a medical organization, the principles of organizing the activities of an emergency medical team, the rules and reasons for calling an emergency medical team, the principles of organizing medical evacuation when providing emergency medical care, as well as the issues of organizing emergency medical care outside of a medical organization when eliminating the medical consequences of emergencies. The recommendations are intended for medical students, healthcare professionals, providing emergency medical assistance, heads of stations (offices) of ambulance chief specialists at the emergency medical service of subjects and Federal districts of the Russian Federation, bodies of state power in the sphere of protection of health of the Russian Federation.

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