Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Indirect TCP. Bakre, A. V. & Badrinath, B. IEEE Transactions on Computers, March, 1997.
Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Indirect TCP [link]Paper  bibtex   
@article{ Bakre97,
  author = {Ajay V. Bakre and B.R. Badrinath},
  title = {Implementation and Performance Evaluation of {Indirect TCP}},
  journal = {IEEE Transactions on Computers},
  year = {1997},
  volume = {46},
  number = {3},
  month = {March},
  annote = {The paper describes the implementation and a performance evaluation of I-TCP. TCP connections are divided at the base station. I-TCP is standard TCP extended with support for mobility (on top of a mobile IP). When a mobile host moves to another cell buffered data and the state of the split connections are transmitted to the new base station. The performance was evaluated in a WaveLAN. I-TCP performs better than regular TCP. Losses over the wireless link are recovered faster although I-TCP has the same error recovery mechanisms as standard TCP. One reason is that the round trip time for the connection between the base station and the mobile host is shorter than the round trip time would be for an end-to-end connection. },
  url = {papers/t0260.pdf.gz},
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