Genotype by Environmental Interaction for DBH, Wood Density, Branch Angle, Branch Size, and Stem Straightness in Eight Young Pinus radiata D. Don Trials in Australia. Baltunis, B., Gapare, W., WJ, & Wu, H. Silvae Genetica, January, 2010.
	title = {Genotype by {Environmental} {Interaction} for {DBH}, {Wood} {Density}, {Branch} {Angle}, {Branch} {Size}, and {Stem} {Straightness} in {Eight} {Young} {Pinus} radiata {D}. {Don} {Trials} in {Australia}},
	journal = {Silvae Genetica},
	author = {Baltunis, Brian and Gapare, Washington and {WJ} and Wu, Harry},
	month = jan,
	year = {2010},
	keywords = {⛔ No DOI found},

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