Radio Galaxy Zoo: host galaxies and radio morphologies derived from visual inspection. Banfield, J., Wong, O., Willett, K., Norris, R., Rudnick, L., Shabala, S., Simmons, B., Snyder, C., Garon, A., Seymour, N., Middelberg, E., Andernach, H., Lintott, C., Jacob, K., Kapinska, A., Mao, M., Masters, K., Jarvis, M., Schawinski, K., Paget, E., Simpson, R., Klockner, H., Bamford, S., Burchell, T., Chow, K., Cotter, G., Fortson, L., Heywood, I., Jones, T., Kaviraj, S., Lopez-Sanchez, A., Maksym, W., Polsterer, K., Borden, K., Hollow, R., & Whyte, L. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 453(3):2326--2340, Oxford University Press, 2015.
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