On the Physical Layer Security of IoT Devices over Satellite. Bas, J. & Pérez-Neira, A. In 2019 27th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), pages 1-5, Sep., 2019.
On the Physical Layer Security of IoT Devices over Satellite [pdf]Paper  doi  abstract   bibtex   
The security in satellite communications is a key issue due to the large footprint of the beams. This is specially critical in IoT devices that transmit data directly to satellite. Take into account that IoT devices are characterized by transmitting packets of short length. Consequently, it means that it is not feasible to augment the security level of the IoT packets via complex cryptographic algorithms. Otherwise, their packet lengths may be increased in a non-negligible way which could augment their collision probabilities, latencies and energy consumptions. For this reason, this paper proposes to take advantage of the time-packing technique. By doing so, it is possible to use the overlapping degree among the pulse-shapes to boost the secrecy-capacity. In particular, the overlapping degree between the pulse-shapes introduces an artificial interference that degrades the eavesdropper's channel. In this regard, it is necessary to highlight that there is a residual co-channel interference in the satellite beams. So, it means that these two sources of impairments make difficult to estimate the legitimate user's transmission parameters by the eavesdropper.

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