Elimination of Tar in Biomass Gasification Process: Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium of Ternary Systems Water plus Solvent (p-Xylene and Methyl Hexadecanoate) plus Model Molecules of Tar (Thiophene, Pyridine, Naphthalene, Phenathrene, and Anthracene). Bassil, G., Mokbel, I., Saab, J., Naccoul, R. A., Jose, J., & Goutaudier, C. Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 62(3):1028–1035, 2017. bibtex*[url=;booktitle=]
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	title = {Elimination of {Tar} in {Biomass} {Gasification} {Process}: {Liquid}-{Liquid} {Equilibrium} of {Ternary} {Systems} {Water} plus {Solvent} (p-{Xylene} and {Methyl} {Hexadecanoate}) plus {Model} {Molecules} of {Tar} ({Thiophene}, {Pyridine}, {Naphthalene}, {Phenathrene}, and {Anthracene})},
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