Introduction to noninvasive cardiac mapping. Bear, L., Cuculich, P., Bernus, O., Efimov, I., & Dubois, R. Card Electrophysiol Clin, 7(1):1--16, Mar, 2015.
  author =       "L. Bear and P.S. Cuculich and O. Bernus and I. Efimov and
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  title =        "Introduction to noninvasive cardiac mapping.",
  journal =      "Card Electrophysiol Clin",
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  robnote =      "From the dawn of the twentieth century, the
                 electrocardiogram (ECG) has revolutionized the way
                 clinical cardiology has been practiced, and it has become
                 the cornerstone of modern medicine today. Driven by
                 clinical and research needs for a more precise
                 understanding of cardiac electrophysiology beyond
                 traditional ECG, inverse solution electrocardiography has
                 been developed, tested, and validated. This article
                 outlines the important progress from ECG development,
                 through more extensive measurement of body surface
                 potentials, and the fundamental leap to solving the
                 inverse problem of electrocardiography, with a focus on
                 mathematical methods and experimental validation.",
  bibdate =      "Mon May 11 21:58:58 2015",

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