New Framework Model to Secure Cloud Data Storage. Beldjezzar, L., Zitouni, A., & Djoudi, M. In Silhavy, R., Silhavy, P., Prokopova, Z., Senkerik, R., & Kominkova Oplatkova, Z., editors, Software Engineering Trends and Techniques in Intelligent Systems: Proceedings of the 6th Computer Science On-line Conference 2017 (CSOC2017), Vol 3, pages 44-52, 2017. Springer International Publishing.
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Nowadays companies are increasingly adopting the technology of cloud computing. This technology is subject to a lot of research and continuous advances are made. The use of cloud computing in the companies advantages such as: reducing costs, sharing and exchange of information between institutions, but the data in the Cloud computing are susceptible to be compromised and the companies are exposing to see their data loss. In this study, we address the subject of security in cloud computing; we expose and discuss some researches that had been proposed to secure the data stored in the cloud. And then we will present our new frameworks that ensure confidentiality of data storage in the cloud environment.

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