A cloud security framework based on trust model and mobile agent. Benabied, S., Zitouni, A., & Djoudi, M. In Cloud Technologies and Applications (CloudTech), 2015 International Conference on, pages 1-8, 2015.
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Cloud computing as a potential paradigm offers tremendous advantages to enterprises. With the cloud computing, the market's entrance time is reduced, computing capabilities is augmented and computing power is really limitless. Usually, to use the full power of cloud computing, cloud users has to rely on external cloud service provider for managing their data. Nevertheless, the management of data and services are probably not fully trustworthy. Hence, data owners are uncomfortable to place their sensitive data outside their own system .i.e., in the cloud., Bringing transparency, trustworthiness and security in the cloud model, in order to fulfill client's requirements are still ongoing. To achieve this goal, our paper introduces two levels security framework: Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and Cloud Service User (CSU). Each level is responsible for a particular task of the security. The CSU level includes a proxy agent and a trust agent, dealing with the first verification. Then a second verification is performed at the CSP level. The framework incorporates a trust model to monitor users' behaviors. The use of mobile agents will exploit their intrinsic features such as mobility, deliberate localization and secure communication channel provision. This model aims to protect user's sensitive information from other internal or external users and hackers. Moreover, it can detect policy breaches, where the users are notified in order to take necessary actions when malicious access or malicious activity would occur.

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