Bridging Theorem Proving and Mathematical Knowledge Retrieval. Benzmüller, C., Meier, A., & Sorge, V. In Hutter, D. & Stephan, W., editors, Mechanizing Mathematical Reasoning: Essays in Honor of Jörg Siekmann on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday, volume 2605, of LNCS, pages 277-296. Springer, 2004.
Bridging Theorem Proving and Mathematical Knowledge Retrieval [pdf]Preprint  doi  abstract   bibtex   
Accessing knowledge of a single knowledge source with different client applications often requires the help of mediator systems as middleware components. In the domain of theorem proving large efforts have been made to formalize knowledge for mathematics and verification issues, and to structure it in databases. But these databases are either specialized for a single client, or if the knowledge is stored in a general database, the services this database can provide are usually limited and hard to adjust for a particular theorem prover. Only recently there have been initiatives to flexibly connect existing theorem proving systems into networked environments that contain large knowledge bases. An intermediate layer containing both, search and proving functionality can be used to mediate between the two. In this paper we motivate the need and discuss the requirements for mediators between mathematical knowledge bases and theorem proving systems. We also present an attempt at a concurrent mediator between a knowledge base and a proof planning system.

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