Unified Frequentist and Bayesian Testing of a Precise Hypothesis (with Discussion). Berger, J. O., Boukai, B., & Wang, Y. Stat Sci, 12:133-160, 1997.
  title = {Unified Frequentist and {{Bayesian}} Testing of a Precise Hypothesis (with Discussion)},
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  annote = {"no decision" region;error probability;Bayes factor;likelihood ratio;"in situations ... involving testing a precise null hypothesis, a P-value of 0.05 essentially does not provide any evidence against the null hypothesis";for a one-sample problem where the data are normally distributed with known variance and unknown mean~ and H\_0: =\_0 vs. H\_1:~  \_0, P=0.05 may correspond to a probability of H\_0 being true of 0.5}

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