Mesh generation and optimal triangulation. Bern, M. & Eppstein, D. In Hwang, F. & Du, D., editors, Computing in Euclidean Geomtry. World Scientific, 1992.
  author =       "M. Bern and D. Eppstein",
  title =        "Mesh generation and optimal triangulation",
  booktitle =    "Computing in Euclidean Geomtry",
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  editor =       "F.K. Hwang and D.Z. Du",
  robnote =      "I have a reprint of this, issued as a technical report
                 from Xerox Corp. Great review of triangulation and
                 discretization techniques in 2 and 3 dimensions.
                 Delaunay, interpolation, tetrahedralization, mesh,
                 model construction",
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