Montessori All Day, All Year. Black, C. & Davis, L. NAMTA Journal, 40(3):107–121, 2015.
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Introducing real community into the Children's House goes back to the roots of Montessori education through all-day Montessori. The all-day environment is a house where children live with a "developmental room" of Montessori materials including a living room, kitchen, dining area, bedroom, bathroom, greeting rooms, and outdoor spaces. Practical life becomes the continuous core function of all-day Montessori. Preparing food, setting tables, doing laundry, gardening, and many other tasks become integrated into the willing self-construction of the child in this community. [This article is based on the talk presented at the NAMTA conference titled "The Social Relevance of the Montessori First Plane: Engaging Families, Building Partnerships, and Finding Common Ground with the Wider Early Childhood Community" in Dallas, TX, Jan 15-18, 2015.]

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