Usability of probabilistic programming languages. Blackwell, A. F., Kohn, T., Erwig, M., Baydin, A. G., Church, L., Geddes, J., Gordon, A., Gorinova, M., Gram-Hensen, B., Lawrence, N., Mansinghka, V. K., Paige, B., Petricek, T., Robinson, D., Sarkar, A., & Strickson, O. In PPIG 2019: 30th Annual Meeting of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group, 2019.
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This discussion paper presents a conversation between researchers having active interests in the usability of probabilistic programming languages (PPLs), but coming from a wide range of technical and research perspectives. Although PPL development is currently a vigorous and active research field, there has been very little attention to date to basic questions in the psychology of programming. Relevant issues include mental models associated with Bayesian probability, end-user applications of PPLs, the potential for data-first interaction styles, visualisation or explanation of model structure and solver behaviour, and many others

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