Book - Prof. Dr. Peter Finke: Citizen Science.
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 notes = {oekom publisher Munich 2014 <m:linebreak/>ISBN-13: 978-3-86581-466-1 <m:linebreak/>Publication date: 17.03.2014<m:linebreak/><m:linebreak/>&quot;A fascinating book that comes exactly at the right time, a must for anyone interested in science and science policy&quot; (Prof. Dr. Uwe Schneidewind, Wuppertal Institute) <m:linebreak/><m:linebreak/>Darwin and Mendel are regarded as outstanding figures in the history of science - while they were on their territories &quot;only&quot; amateurs, not professional researchers in the modern sense. What they drive, was an insatiable curiosity, which is still countless lay people to own today and is expressed in passionate neat hobbies and volunteer research in many problem areas of civil society. <m:linebreak/>Yet science and research are now considered a privilege of the professionals who often live closer interaction the laity as second-rate. Power levels are more important than ever: the project of the century would be unthinkable without Citizen Science Wikipedia and successful civic engagement does not come out without a sound skills. Peter Finke lays before the first introduction into the world of ideas of citizen science and invites you to discover the underrated world of knowledge citizens.},
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