Ground Feature Monitoring Using Satellite Imagery: How Interferometric Stacking of SAR Can Mitigate Geo-Disasters Along Transportation Corridors. Bouali, E. H.; Escobar-Wolf, R.; and Oommen, T. Geo-Strata—Geo Institute of ASCE, 19(4):52–57.
	title = {Ground {Feature} {Monitoring} {Using} {Satellite} {Imagery}: {How} {Interferometric} {Stacking} of {SAR} {Can} {Mitigate} {Geo}-{Disasters} {Along} {Transportation} {Corridors}},
	volume = {19},
	number = {4},
	journal = {Geo-Strata—Geo Institute of ASCE},
	author = {Bouali, El Hachemi and Escobar-Wolf, Rüdiger and Oommen, Thomas},
	pages = {52--57}
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