Synthesis of Optimal Strategies Using HyTech. Bouyer, P., Cassez, F., Fleury, E., & Larsen, K. G. Electr. Notes Theor. Comput. Sci. (Proceedings of GDV), 119(1):11–31, 2004.
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Priced timed (game) automata extend timed (game) automata with costs on both locations and transitions. The problem of synthesizing an optimal winning strategy for a priced timed game under some hypotheses has been shown decidable in [P. Bouyer, F. Cassez, E. Fleury, and K.G. Larsen. Optimal strategies in priced timed game automata. Research Report BRICS RS-04-4, Denmark, Feb. 2004. Available at]. In this paper, we present an algorithm for computing the optimal cost and for synthesizing an optimal strategy in case there exists one. We also describe the implementation of this algorithm with the tool HyTech and present an example.

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