"Hey, I'm Having These Experiences": Tumblr Use and Young People's Queer (Dis)connections. Byron, P, Robards, B, Hanckel, B, Vivienne, S, & Churchill, B Int. J. Commun., 13:2239–2259, 2019.
	title = {"{Hey}, {I}'m {Having} {These} {Experiences}": {Tumblr} {Use} and {Young} {People}'s {Queer} ({Dis})connections},
	volume = {13},
	issn = {1932-8036},
	journal = {Int. J. Commun.},
	author = {Byron, P and Robards, B and Hanckel, B and Vivienne, S and Churchill, B},
	year = {2019},
	pages = {2239--2259},

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